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Rafa & Emily


Rafa was a baby bat when Emily found him. She took care of him and the two became inseparable… Now, to fulfill her dream of becoming a biologist, Emily leaves home to study in the city. Rafa tries to follow her but ends up getting lost.

Rafa & Emily

Is about the obstacles both have to overcome, while they’re searching for each other in a city overtaken by a peculiar plague of revolutionary insects.

Genre: Comedy, Family-Oriented Adventure

Format: 16:9 – 2D

Run Time: 100 minutes

Target: +6

Created and written by: Paula Rosa

Coordinated by: Rodrigo Carvalho

Translated by: Amanda Booth

Biology Consultant: Zara Teixeira

Bat Consultant: Isabel Rodrigues ICNF

Concept Art: Anaïs Marmonier

Graphic Design: Filipa Barradas