I wrote my first book, Férias na Casa do Vento, published in 2007, and was invited by the Communication Museum to write three thematic books for the collection: Os Corredores Loucos do Museu (2007/2008). Between 2011/2016 I wrote 10 books for the Animated TV series, NutriVentures, and several mini-stories. In 2022, I was challenged by Academia Ponto Verde to write two mini tales about recycling for younger kids: Uma Embalagem na Mão ( 3 aos 5) O Desfile das Embalagens Vaidosas (5 aos 7).

Meanwhile, when I have some free time, I work on this personal project, an adventure collection for the youth about a girl who finds some special powers to save wild animals in danger, Inéz de Katu.