When I was a kid...

When I was a kid, one of my brothers used to ask me:
– What are we going to play today?
And I used to reply:
– I am going to read. You do whatever you want…

Later, I realized that moment symbolized the start of my quest to become a storyteller!

This happened when I founded Animiniarte (2002-2010).  A project devoted to children where I created numerous characters and scripts for live animations for several cultural spaces.

My first scripts for a big screen were for the planetarium shows Journey to a Black Hole (2007) and Chemistry of the Universe (2011) for the Multimedia Center of Espinho.

Later, I joined the screenwriters team at NutriVentures (2011/2015), a Portuguese Animated TV Series for children that spread around the world. At NutriVentures I wrote episodes for six seasons, movie books and many mini-stories.

In 2015 I challenged myself to write a script for an Animated Feature Film, Rafa &Emily (previously Rafa and the Bug Revolution), which in 2016 was finalist in several script festivals and in 2019 got a cinema fund for development.

Meanwhile, I went on, writing stories for animated projects, like Tales From the Abyss (TVShow) and The Roots of The Magic Tree (Family Adventure Feature Film) while writing lots of other educational scripts for kids, and some children books.

Script or book, I’ll go on spreading my love for nature and animals through stories!

Paula Rosa
Writer / Scriptwriter